A new biography goes deep into Charles Manson’s troubled childhood and shows how he became the murderous, crazed monster that captivated America. Wendy Smith on his bizarre influences (Dale Carnegie) and his obsession with fame.

Daily Beast


With the world population exceeding 7 billion, people all over the world are jostling for space. Go through these images from across the globe and see how overcrowded it can get.


The pharmaceutical industry has compromised the Western medical establishment and hooked America on drugs. One psychiatrist is fighting back.


Ask most people about their idea of a therapy session and it will probably be a dispassionate professional sitting quietly taking notes as a patient pours out their darkest secrets – possibly on the analyst’s couch. The patient may even break down in tears.


UNWITTING tourists smiling at the antics of the planet’s most powerful creature are playing their part in a horrifying story of animal torture.



Footballer Luis Suarez – who has twice bitten other players – has been offered an anger management course. But does such treatment work?